Patrick Weber
physics   -   patricles physics; instrumentation
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%%7a3jKl8ku7U-EXO%7Enriched Xenon Observatoryhed Xenon Observatory for double-beta decay:

Double beta decay measurement (with 2 neutrinos, standard modeEXOr without neutrino) in enriched 136 liquid XenoEXOEXO aims at neutrino absolute mass determination (EXO sensitivity 11 meV) and Majorana or Dirac nature of neutrinos, exploring weak interaction beyond particles standard model.

2) Detector development:

  • Micropatterned amplification and readout detectors for gaseous TPC (Time Projection Chamber)
  • Scintillation light measurement with optical fibers
  • Ultralow radioactivity measurements with Germanium semiconductor detectors
  • X-ray dosimetry for dermatology, using TLD technique (thermoluminescence)

Degree M.D./Ph.D.
Occupation PhD candidate
Current institution University of Neuchâtel
Address Patrick Weber
A-L. Breguet 1
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
ScienXe address
Phone +41 32 718 35 58
Fax +41 32 718 29 01