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Full website

  • My website
  • My ScienXe forwarding Email address
  • Complete CV editor.
  • No HTML knowledge or programming skills required
  • Edit and share projects.
  • Publications database and tools.
  • Website accessible from scientific directory.
  • Use ScienXe for job applications.
  • All pages are ready for printing.
  • Online support and help.
  • Good ranking in search engines.
  • Different layouts available
  • Your data are always up-to-date and online
  • Up to 100 MB disk space. Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Price: FREE
  Advanced features ($39 US dollars per year)
  • Detailed statistics of visitors.
  • Personal layout.
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My academic website in 10 minutes!

ScienXe Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between a personal website and a website on is specificaly oriented to scientists and advanced students. It offers the corresponding scientific tools. Setting up a website on requires no knowledge of HTML or Internet protocols, and should take less than one hour for the basic set up. Upgrades of administration tools and additional websites features of are free.

FEATURE Traditional websites
directory: only scientific
high visibility
no directory or very general
low visibility
publications: easy retrieval and management -
curriculum: tools to set up your CV -
HTML: no HTML knowledge basic HTML understanding
Computer languages: - HTML, PHP, MySQL,...
layout: choice between different professional layouts Do-it-yourself
Statistics: list of last visitors general webstat
Setup price: FREE company: $400 US min,
yourself: $0
Site upgrades and new features. $0 Do-it-yourself.
Price per year: FREE from $50 US or free with advertisement
Setup time for a complete website: 10 minutes to 1h a few days

Why the name "ScienXe"?
"" was already occupied by a software company... so "ScienXe" sounds nice and neutral.

What is ""? provides websites for researchers, scientists and advanced students who would like to have their own Web pages, with no programming. Information is entered by the user and automatically processed by the ScienXe Content Management System. is something between a phone directory and a personal website. This is why ScienXe makes your Web pages more visibile among a scientific community and accross the Web.

Who runs is run by Scimetrica. IT and web services for academic sector and scientists. The same team runs other web services like the scientific forum

Is it possible to change the layout and colors?
Yes, different layouts can be chosen. However, there is a limited freedom in order to facilitate the reading.

What is a "forwarding email"?
Emails "" are sent (forwarded) to your regular email account. You can use your forwarding email as expeditor address for replying.

What happens with my email if I close my account on
Your emails will be still forwarded to the last email address, unless this one is no longer valid.

What happens to my website if I close my website account on
Your website is replaced by a free contact page with the same address and email. Your information is kept in the database and can be reactivated at any time.

"I want to set up a website by myself."
Of course, you can have both systems, a traditionnal website, and a website on

Why is a Website on not free? is a service for professional use, therefore no advertising is made on the site. The price is comparable to a starting level website, and should be accessible to everyone. Payment serves as a control for us to ensure that the service will not be misused.

Where is the server?
Our dedicated servers (not shared) are hosted in Nuremberg by a german company Hetzner. Each dedicated server has 9 Gbit bandwith. Network availability is more than 99%. Have a look at the server center. - the first worldwide network of academics, scientists and students.

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