David Osipyan
physics   -   computational plasma physics
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Degree Ph.D.
Occupation researcher
Current institution Division of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Ashtarak, Armenia
Address David Osipyan
Leningradyan 48/2
3740.31 Yerevan
Website http://comphys.narod.ru
ScienXe address http://davidosipyan.scienxe.org
Phone +37410396969

Personal informations

name David Osipyan


speaking level reading level
armenian Mother tongue Mother tongue
english Good Good
russian Good Good


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1.  Collisionless plasma expansion in the presence of a dipole magnetic field
   H.B. Nersisyan, D.A. Osipyan
   Contributions to Plasma Physics, Volume 49, Issue 6, pages 351361, August 2009     [0905.0051]  
2.  Renormalized cluster expansion of the microfield distribution in a strongly coupled two-component plasmas
   H.B. Nersisyan, D.A. Osipyan, G. Zwicknagel
   Phys. Rev. E 77, 056409 (2008)     [0711.4945v1]  
3.  The moving boundary problem in the presence of a dipole magnetic field
   H. B. Nersisyan, D. A. Osipyan
   Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, Volume 39, Number 23.     [physics/0603239]  
4.  Collisionless scattering of plasma cloud in dipole magnetic field.
   Proc. NAS of Armenia. #4. 2006.    
5.  Collisionless slowing down of nova and supernova shells in magnetized interstellar medium. Astrophysics Journ. T46 #4. 2003
   D. A. Osipyan, H. B. Nersisyan, and H. H. Matevosyan.
   Astrophysics Journ. T46 #4. 2003    


1. 3D hybrid particle in cell plasma simulation tool